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Pottery Barn is an American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company, with retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Pottery Barn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Pottery Barn is an American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company, with retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Pottery Barn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Pottery Barn also operates several specialty stores such as Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen. It has three retail catalogues: the traditional Pottery Barn catalogue; Pottery Barn Bed + Bath to focus on its bed and bath lines; and one for outdoor furniture.
An unhappy customer said this in a review; "Pottery Barn's delivery is a total joke. They were supposed to delivery my new bed and sofa today. Instead, I received a call from PB asking me when I would like to schedule my delivery.So unprofessional! Judging by this situation and the other comments I have seen on here, it is obvious that the operations/distributions system needs a total overhaul. It's a shame that the delivery team is such a fly in the ointment".

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Pottery Barn is an American upscale home furnishing store chain and e-commerce company, with retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Pottery Barn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Pottery Barn also operates several specialty stores such as Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen. It has three retail catalogues: the traditional Pottery Barn catalogue; Pottery Barn Bed + Bath to focus on its bed and bath lines; and one for outdoor furniture.

An unhappy customer said this in a review; "Pottery Barn's delivery is a total joke. They were supposed to delivery my new bed and sofa today. Instead, I received a call from PB asking me when I would like to schedule my delivery.So unprofessional! Judging by this situation and the other comments I have seen on here, it is obvious that the operations/distributions system needs a total overhaul. It's a shame that the delivery team is such a fly in the ointment".


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Associate Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst. It took them weeks to work out my health insurance. Like how hard can it be for a billion dollar company to get my health insurance benefits working so I could go to the doctor. No one cares."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"When I was there management was horrible and highly unprofessional. I got verbally, emotionally, and mentally abused there. The managers would talk badly about their employees and berate them, they would also talk badly about each other and it was such an angry environment. They would get upset over every single thing. With the exception of one manager who was fair and great and level headed. The turnover rate was incredibly high and I was only there for a few months and 7 people left during my time there. That's right, 7!!! I should have taken that as a sign to leave. Their system works in a way where if you sell more, then you are given more hours and this breeds jealousy as is taught in business school. The people I worked with were great until they started talking stabbing you in the back thanks to the managers who spoke badly about their employees to other employees. All of these problems start at corporate, because when disease attacks the root of a tree, at some point it will reach the leaves. My friend got an interview at west elm (because it's part of the williams sonoma brand) and I told her to stay FAR, FAR away. When she got to the interview she could then see what I was talking about. These problems also occur when people turn a blind eye to abuse. I don't see williams sonoma lasting very long in this world. People may like the product but that helps to soothe over what happens behind the doors. And the company idn't going to las if it's an absolutely horrid place to work at. This was the worst job I had ever had in my life. If I could give this whole experience"

SALES (Former Employee) says

"Disconnnected & poor managers, district and corporate included. Lacking skills to identify true opportunities within individuals and team. Team value and happiness out the window replaced by sacchrine laced doctrines of "success". Solutions offered are empty rhetoric and ineffective strategies."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"he has no idea what he is doing and just makes everything harder. as an employee i purposely ignored his orders because i knew they werent beneficial for the store"

Sales Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"The key to good customer service is a friendly approach, understanding and acknowledgement of the clients needs, and following up to make sure they are happy and satisfied.20% employee discountPoor Management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Managers are Rude, unprofessional and just plain on disrespectful. The store is new so they are trying to figure things out just like all the other employees. The managers click up and if you go to complain about one of the managers they basically tell you that you’re lying I would NOT RECOMMEND this job to anyone. They tried to belittle me in front of the other employees that place is just unprofessional all"

Sales Associate & In Home Designer (Former Employee) says

"no raise and no benefits like promised. managment is a mess. they genuinely dont care about customers and or if orders are wrong. always having a different "SALE" which does nothing but create busy work. literally no incentive to work hard."

Work-From-Home Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"1. CUSTOMER WANTS TO CANCEL ORDER/ITEM: - Once an order goes into the "In Fulfillment" status, we are instructed to tell customers that it can not be cancelled. Orders go into the "In Fullfillment" status almost instantly once placed. So whether a customer has placed the order 5 minutes ago, or within 24 hours. 2. PRICE ADJUSTMENTS: - This company always has some kind of sale or promotion going on. Many calls from customers are requests for price adjustments. However, this company does not honor ANY kind of price adjustment. It does not matter whether the customer ordered the item 5 minutes ago, and the item just went on sale for 75% off within that 5 minutes. 3. SHIPPING | PERSONALIZATION ISSUES: - I have received several calls about orders arriving with items missing from their package, or receiving someone elses order. Most commonly, customers receive their personalized items that have one or more of the following: wrong name, wrong thread color, upside down, uneven, incorrect spelling, wrong font. 4. BACK ORDER | OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: - Websites will let you place orders online when the item is not even available...either out of stock, back ordered, or discontinued. Customers are not notified that their items are in this status. 5. PROMOTION CODES: - My least favorite customer call in, is promotion codes not working at check out. Usually, it is because the item is apart of the exclusions, but the website does not make that clear to the customer. The websites are VERY misleading. Customers receive promotion codes sent to their emails that show up 'invalid' at checkoutWork-From-HomeEverything!"

Shipping/Receiving Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company may be a good company but the store I worked in at Green hills is a horrible place to work. Always working shorthanded to keep pay roll down. Management always hard on the employees.Store discountHostile work environment"

Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work at a place where adults act like they’re in High school, constantly gossip about each other and lack integrity and respect for their fellow co-workers go right ahead and apply. Managers commit retaliatory actions if they don’t like you for some reason. If you’re a guy expect to treated like garbage and told to deal with it.NoneA toxic work environment"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The new very young manager said I. No uncertain terms that I could not receive further dedicated training - even if I did it not on my shift . Made my life unbearable. Made rude , condescending remarks in front of employees and customers . Such as “Do you even own a computer ?” Breaks non existent unless over 6 or 7 . Demanding, made employees do manual labor on ladders such as painting ,patching holes , steaming draperies with boiling hot steam while open and where children were. Was told it had to be done during store open hours bc no more hours could be spared due to budget . While having to do these dangerous duties were still expected to wait on customers and shield the hot steamer and the outlet was in the center of the show room causing danger to customers. A no win situation. No amount of my asking for additional training was entertained . I was told to look at sales material (not the register ) in between customers which is. Virtually impossible. Many employees resigned.Children and parents were friendlyNo communication by manager, unprofessional"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Yes, for a college student working at the outlets it's a job, but the management and job all in one suck! It was the most boring job I have ever had and there was no room for improvement."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Working at Pottery Barn Outlet is the worst place to even consider. The work hours are outrageous, you get less hours, its competitive, and the pay sucks."

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"They will take full advantage of you. Management is poor and doesn't acknowledge good work. Poor pay. No room for advancement, unless you're friends with management.noneeverything"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"The company is severely lacking corporate leadership. At one point I can say the company was great. When the founder of the company passed, everything went down hill. Don't waste your time here. It's a dead end."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I've ever worked for. The job is very physical and demanding, yet upper management act like they have no idea. Maybe they should get off their high horse and work in their stores for a week, maybe then they'd treat their associates with care and pay them properly for all their hard work and laboring. I would never recommend this job to anyone, not even my worst enemy.The discount, if you have money to shopPretty much everything: lots of gossip, no support from upper management, no communication, no training, lots of bullying. I do not recommend any brand under Williams Sonoma Inc. to anyone"

Stock Associate (Former Employee) says

"I didn't enjoy a single second of working there. The managers were constantly incompetent (except for one.) The average worker was definitely overworked and underpaid and the customers were terrible."

Replenishment Clerk/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I was not that big on The Pottery Barn. They changed your hours around and never gave you time for you. I would not recommend Pottery Barn to anyone ever."


"loved working here. great environment. would recommend to anyone looking for part time work. excellent discount on all Williams Sonoma brands. management was excellent"

Stock Clerk (Former Employee) says

"assisted customersManagement was goodCo-workers were enjoyable"

youtube account says

"What a horrible service, the products are broken, customer service is appalling, neither does the company or its employees seem to care that their service is horrible and their products are below an acceptable standard. What a disappointment !"

B E says

"Pottery Barn Kids is the worst for customer service. I have called about an issue with a broken dresser and have been sent to the wrong extension multiple times and have been hung up on. Their furniture used to be very good not it is cheap and not well made."

Beee Bojku says

"Instore the Worst customer service. So rude! Never go there."

Vicki Walker says

"I recently tried to order a gift via Pottery Barn kids. I selected, went through all the steps to monogram, select delivery site and pay. Apparently there was one more step that I missed, because I got an e mail telling me it was still in my cart. I clicked the link and hit the button to complete the transaction. Unfortunately, when I got the confirmation e mail, I saw that the changes I had made in monogramming and shipping address had not been saved, and it was being sent to a previous address for a grandchild. I immediately called and tried to rectify the issue and was told by customer service that they couldn't modify the order, but they could put in the correct shipping label. Unfortunately, several days later I received notification that it was shipped to the incorrect address. When I called customer service again, they told me that I would have to contact UPS, arrange for return, and at that point in time they would issue a refund. The employees working customer service were polite, and trying to be helpful, but it was clear that their manager and company policies did not give them any options to rectify the situation. When I contacted UPS, they said it wasn't eligible for return because it was on sale. What a frustrating run-around. Terrible website design and customer policies from a high end retailer. I won't be spending my money with them in the future."

J K says

"They are the worst. I bought two bookshelves from them, and the products had defects. The paints started chip and crack and they just sent a replacement to replacement the cracked part and asked me to return a 140lbs bookshelves to UPS. It was a disaster. To my surprise, they charged me for the returned shipping. If that wasn't bad enough, the replacement started chip again and they asked me to return both bookshelves. Now I am supposed to find boxes big enough and pack them and drop them off to UPS. They are the worst ever. Their customer reps are horrendous. If you email them, you will have a different rep reply every time with inconsistent replies. AVOID THEM LIKE A PLAGUE"

Kam says

"What a horribly unreliable company. All of their items are backordered for months and when you expect it to come after waiting for months and months, they then send you an email after it's a few days late saying that it will be another 3 MONTHS!! Do not buy from this company. They are truly awful. Even nursery items are extremely delayed. You're trying to put your nursery together before baby comes? Well, learn from me and don't order from pottery barn or you will have a baby AND NO NURSERY!!!!"

Polly Georgie says

"Horrendous customer service, I placed an order for furniture and the next day I emailed and called to change it couldn’t not get hold of anyone, phone line doesn’t work on website. They emailed back a week later after several emails and calls and simply told I can not change or cancel the order sorry. Now my order is in limbo and they’ve kept the money pending?? DO NOT SHOP!! Should have gone to John Lewis!!!!"

Lisa Almeida says

"do not subscribe to them, they will not unsubscribe you. I have reported it, but still get daily emails."

Christine Morrison says

"Absolutely a complete joke. I ordered a diaper bag for a friend's shower. It showed up without the shoulder strap or hook attachments, making it just a tote bag, and not a very cute one. I reached out the day it delivered and explained that they needed to do an inventory check to ensure that this wasn't what their inventory actually was and their imagery needed to be updated. Alas, they simply told me they shipped a replacement and didn't indicate that the replacement would be any better. Whatever, fine, the baby shower is this weekend so at least I'll have tried. I shipped the first one back with the return label they sent me. When the replacement still hadn't arrived the day before the shower, I tracked it to make sure it was arriving. It wasn't, they just chose to cancel the replacement without saying anything to me. Also without giving me a refund. So now I'm out $129 for a diaper bag that can't be used as a diaper bag and I don't even have that mediocre bag to give for the gift."

Ryan LeVasseur says

"TAKE CAUTION SAFETY WARNING I bought two Pottery Barn Kids Larkin cribs for my twin sons in November 2017. The crib is advertised as being a 4 in 1 crib so you can buy additional conversion kits to convert to a toddler bed etc. My sons are now 2 1/2. They started sleeping in their respective cribs at about 9 months old. I ordered the conversion kit to a toddler bed and in preparation for doing that I noticed that both the mattresses seemed to be sinking in the middle. I took the mattress off and examined it- there was no evidence of sinking in the middle. I then looked at the actual crib spring frame that the mattress sits on in the crib. The actual frame is warped and completely sunken in the middle. I looked at all the springs and they are not warped or stretched in any way. I called customer service twice. The first time I was told by customer service that this is to be expected and the crib is two years old and the bottom wire frame will stretch out. I replied I was confused by this since they market the crib to be used throughout childhood and that the conversion kit to transition to a toddler bed requires me to use the same metal frame which is severely sunken in the middle. She stated that I could just buy some aftermarket wooden slats and put them down but that they will not replace that piece nor will they allow me to buy that piece again. I asked to speak to a supervisor at that time and was disconnected. I called back the next day and waited over an hour for a supervisor. This supervisor was named Suzanne. She also told me they will do nothing about it, and she has heard no complaints of this nature. I said I have been a long time customer and I am happy to send you pictures or that piece back to show you. She said well it could not possibly be a defect and had to be due to my children jumping in the cribs. I replied that makes no sense if your are a children furniture company and you advertise this to transition throughout their childhood that it will not even hold up 2 years. My children each weigh about 30 pounds. She then told me that if it was her and she had bought the crib she would just move on and buy a new bed. I told her I think that is ridiculous because I paid 1000 dollars for each crib with the expectation I could use them for years. She stated she is just not the " type of person who would complain to a company she would buy a new bed and keep it moving." She then agreed to let me return the toddler conversion kits I bought as obviously I cannot use them with a completely sunken in metal support piece for the mattress. They refused to do anything else and seemed to not care at all about my children safety. I have filed complaints with safer products.gov and BBB. Please be warned, because this could be a serious child safety concern as well as bad for your child's back."

Kristen Portland says

"I ordered a crib, mattress, and changing table from pottery barn kids on May 30 for my baby due in early September. We received one update from them in July, letting us know that the order was delayed to end of July/early August. Upon calling, we realized they had everything but the mattress, but were holding it all. We asked them to split the order so we could start to get baby's room together. We received the changing table but never got any update on the crib. Over the next month, I called them more than 5 times. I was assured every step of the way that I would get calls back, delivery scheduled, and get the crib before baby came. Two weeks before I was scheduled to go to the hospital, a rep promised me I would have the items in 7-10 days. A week later, another rep promised I would be getting a call to schedule delivery in two days. Three days later I was able to schedule the crib for delivery for four days after my baby was scheduled to be born, but only by cancelling the mattress order. When I tried the direct line to the person that had been helping me to get a refund for the cancelled mattress, it did not work. This has been an unacceptably difficult process, and I would strongly suggest never ordering furniture from this company."

Geovana Santos says

"Terrible customer service – Website doubles my order –Charge twice and after a month did not receive my money back Please be advice their Pottery Barn kids website double my order; then they did charge me twice and after one month I still did not receive back my $ 534,69. Every time I call them is a different excuse. Sometimes they even hang out on me. I already called 8 times. I’m so frustrated. Don’t know what to do to get my money back. I used to love their products now I do not recommend them anymore."

Dr. D says

"Horrible customer service! We ordered a nursery rocking chair few weeks ago. For some reason, unbeknownst to anyone who handles “customer service” calls at PB, my order was cancelled. I only found out it was cancelled while scrolling through the recent orders I had placed. They didn’t email me nor did I receive any form of cancellation notification. After 1.5 hrs on the phone being transferred to 5 different ppl (which show how incompetent these employees/fools are) nothing was resolved and I was ultimately told that if I want the product to order again or I can buy a chair from somewhere else. That was said by Gina, their “senior lead customer service rep.” Again, incompetent employees (all 5 of them) and worst customer service experience/1.5 hrs of BS runaround without any resolution. Too bad rating can’t go below 1 star. Oh, and if we order the chair now it won’t be delivered for another 3 mths. And Gina specified how it’ll most likely be towards the later half of the 3 mths!"

Mandy Hutchinson says

"If I could give no stars I would! Buyer beware! Ordered a toddler princess sheet set and received a pillow case! When I called customer service and told her that my confirmation email link clearly goes to the sheet set! Customer service rep claimed that I bought the extra pillow case and that was it, completely not true !! I’m not sure how they get away with scamming people like this I will never ever buy from them again and I will tell anybody who will listen not to as well !!!pure scammers! They have a horrible rating on trust pilot and every other review site for a reason!"

Larry Barr-Meyer says

"POOREST EXCUSE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE OF MOST ANY COMPANY I"VE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH Placed an order online 7-3-2020, package arrived on the 7th or 8th of July, but it was an empty box with a packing label only. Called 'customer service' right away but was on hold 45 minutes before a rep answered the call. She promised the 'replacement' package would arrive by 7-14-2020. As of 7-15-2020, no package has arrived. Called 'customer service' again, asking immediately for a supervisor, after over 50 minutes, I was never connected with a supervisor. Excuses and empty apologies were all I got. I'd sent a message to the company on 7-8-2020, still never received the courtesy of a response. Unfortunately, I have allowed myself to become too worked up and stressed over dealing with this matter, when the solution is very simple-----plenty of other companies would be delighted to have my business and would likely treat me respectfully as a loyal customer. I am only venting here to hopefully save others from the frustration and poor treatment which I have received from Pottery Barn Kids."

Amy says

"Terrible customer service experience. I order nursery furniture that claimed it was in stock. After purchase, it was indicated that an item was delayed for over a month. I called PB Kids the day before the delivery period was supposed to end because no one had contacted me to schedule a delivery and my tracking information had not updated to indicate a further delay. I was on the phone for over an hour mostly on hold with two different people, neither of whom were able to actual information about my order other than I was able to see myself online. The second person at least tried to schedule a delivery person to call me the following day. The next day came and went with no phone call. I called back the next day and selected schedule a delivery even though I had not been told my order was ready. This person said all the items in my order were ready and they could schedule a delivery date but not for 16 days AFTER my intended delivery window. If I had not called, I would have no idea my order was ready. You basically have to be your own customer service with this company and I won't be surprised if I get the wrong items. Contrast this with my Crate and Barrel experience in which the items they said were in stock actually were in stock, they called to schedule delivery, and delivered on time the correct items."

Qian Du says

"I placed an order on April 11th, however it hasn’t been delivered till now. Today is 4th May, 2020. I contacted pottery barn kids, but no one responds. I have been waiting for a long time."

Jo Luscombe says

"For my daughter’s birthday I ordered a small rucksack during a 30% off promotion. The website indicated that stock was due in 2 days. I ordered a couple of other items at the same time. Although these other 2 items were shipped in a timely manner, I was disappointed not to receive any updates on the status of my daughter’s birthday present. I had to chase up with Pottery Barn Kids UK to find out about the status of this item and was told it was on back order, and stock was not not due for 5 months. To go from stock expected in 2 days to stock expected in 5 months without receiving an unprompted update on my order is entirely unacceptable. Customer services were unapologetic and were not prepared to substitute the item for an alternative that was available at the same price point as when the order was placed. I shall not be shopping with Pottery Barn Kids UK again."

Mine Dogan says

"Horrible company and customer service. I paid extra for assembly and they said they cannot do it because they cannot park the car. Then they refused to put the packaging upstairs. They finally left without deivering my furniture. What a horrible company, I should have reviewed other reviews before ordering. Go with GLTC much better and cheaper."

Olga Sanchez says

"The phone service was horrendous and when my product came to my house it arrived slightly broken!"